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Anoki products in biodegradable packaging



We all love aloe vera! That is why Anoki is everything aloe vera. From our facial care to our body scrubs, absolutely everything has aloe vera in it. Our aloe vera butter has been crafted into a buttery substance to help soothe sunburns, heal dry skin, and increase skin elasticity. We use only the purest ingredients, are cruelty free, and safe for all ages. While aloe vera is our staple ingredient, we included additional plant oils that has been used for generations by our indigenous ancestors to provide holistic capabilities. We believe you do not need tons of chemically produced product to have healthy glowing skin. Simplicity is key. Explore Products

Our crafted motto is NATIVELY.

"Native" means to be associated with your place of birth and a plant or animal of indigenous origin or growth. "Ly" means to have qualities of and to recur at intervals. Therefore, we took the word "native" and added the "ly". Natively is more than a word, it is a lifestyle. For us, our crafted word means to go back to nature and heal with the land. Eat healthy, love the world, care for animals and others, and protect the earth. Check out our Natively Newsletter for quick reads to start or continue your journey of all things natively.  

Anoki is for your nature explorations, your wanderlust journeys, yourself natural awakenings, for whatever your cause, for you.

NATIVELY: Go back to nature & heal with the land


We extend our eco-loving to packaging. Our uniquely created packaging is made out of either wheat, bamboo, sustainably sourced wood, recycled plastic, or more than one. The packaging feels as good as it looks. With a smooth silky matte finish, you'll want to touch our packaging all day!


Head over to Live Natively to discover how we are changing the world and how you can help!