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Article: The Benefit Of Being Outdoors

The Benefit Of Being Outdoors

The Benefit Of Being Outdoors

Why you need to spend time outdoors?

When was the last time you really focused on being truly present and in the moment? When you are in nature, the barrier between you and your surroundings simply disappears, and that's the power of nature. Everything seems to be so close and real with no filters, just nature itself!

Nature is a powerful thing with magical effects. Whether at the beach, forest, or in a city park, nature welcomes us with its calming effect. Fresh air, sun, trees can have a strong healing impact—such as improving mood, mental health, boosting the immune system. And combing nature with physical activity can help us in our fight against many diseases.

In this article, you will find reasons to leave your computer screen and get out in the nature that awaits you with its beneficial effects.

Stress Reliever

In this world of technology, our lives are busier than ever, and thus there are more reasons to be stressed. A high level of stress is a root cause of depression, obesity, and high blood pressure. One of the best remedies for stress is spending time outdoors. There has been significant research on the effects of nature on mental health. One study shows that walking in woodland or simply looking at the trees lowers our stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline significantly. 

Reduction In Inflammation

Inflammation plays the role of host to various health issues like depression, autoimmune disorder, and even cancer. Spending time outdoors is a natural way of eliminating recurring inflammation. Studies show that spending time in a green area reduces the concentration of chemicals related to inflammation. Just spending about 20 to 30 minutes can do wonders for your health.

Improved Eyesight

If you were a child who spent most of his childhood playing outside, you have a way better vision than those who spent their childhood indoors. Yes, it's true and is backed by science. Research shows that children who spend extra hours outdoors significantly reduced their risk of developing myopia, commonly known as nearsightedness.

Immunity Booster

Staying indoors all the time can have diverse effects on our immune system. The best way to improve our immune system is to challenge it regularly. Forests are nature's gift to your immune system. Plants produce phytoncides, airborne chemicals, and scientists believe that breathing them in can increase the white blood cells in humans.

Increased Creativity

If you are struggling with knotty problems and you can't work your way around them, then try spending time in nature. The lush green of nature will boost your creative abilities and increase your focus by minimizing distractions. The more you are in nature, the bigger the reward, but even just getting out for some air can kick start new thought patterns in your brain.

Feel Calmer & More Relaxed

Spending time outdoors is one of the fastest ways to happiness. Nature offers you free Aromatherapy. When you go out, take your time to take in the natural scents of roses, freshly cut grass, rain, wet tree trunks, and damped paths. According to research, spending time in nature will lead you to a calmer and more relaxed life. Just simply being in a green environment can spark a change in our life.

Time To Head Outdoors

Nature is like open arms, ready to take us in and provide us the power and support that we need. It's like walking into a gate, leaving all the busy, fast-paced life behind, and being greeted by peace and fragrant nature. It doesn't matter if you venture outdoors one day per week or seven; you'll reap the reward anyways!


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